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bonjour tristesse pdf free

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Default Leader Offset From Line Points (Distance Tool only) Specifies the amount of blank space that appears between the measurement points and the leader

Option to retain the destination page number when you adjust bookmarks zoom level Bookmark > Properties > Actions > Go To A Page In This Document > Edit To change the destination page number of the bookmarks, do the following: Select two or more bookmarks that you want to change the zoom levelRight-click the bookmark and then choose Properties

bonjour tristesse pdf free

In the Bookmark Properties dialog, click ActionsChoose Go To A Page In This Document and then click EditUncheck the option Keep Page Number Unchanged

bonjour tristesse pdf free

Delete a bookmark In the Bookmarks panel, select a bookmark or range of bookmarks, and then press DeleteNote: Deleting a bookmark deletes any bookmarks that are subordinate to it

bonjour tristesse pdf free

Deleting a bookmark does not delete any document text

Create a bookmark hierarchy You can nest a list of bookmarks to show a relationship between topicsUse Fixed Resolution For Snapshot Tool Images: Sets the resolution used to copy an image captured with the Snapshot tool

Enable PDF thumbnail preview in Windows Explorer: Select to display PDFs as thumbnail preview in Windows ExplorerTouch Mode: Sets how Acrobat enters the Touch mode, if at all, for touch enabled devices

In Touch mode, Toolbar buttons, panels, and menus shift apart slightly to accommodate selecting with your fingersThe Touch reading mode optimizes viewing and supports most common gestures

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