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We also delete your original and converted files after processing, so your files are never in danger

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Use PDFs for Printing While there are many file formats that serve different purposes, PDFs continue to be the standard file format for printingPDFs are the preferred file for commercial printers for many reasons including the fact that they are easy to share, they have all information the printer needs compressed within them, and more

pdf cropper

Let’s take a look at the 5 reasons and benefits of using PDF documents, a few common issues people often run into when working with PDFs and how to fix those issuesBenefits of Using PDF Files 1PDFs Have Compatible Formatting Just because you have the software to open a file, doesn’t mean that the printer you are sending it to does

pdf cropper

PDF formatting is the standard file format used by printers as they are easy to share while maintaining all their properties regardless of the program used to view or send the documentExporting your artwork as a PDF ensures that anyone can view your file—whether that be in Adobe Acrobat Reader or via an internet browser—and it ensures that your document is formatted correctly for printing no matter what program you used to design them in

pdf cropper

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PDF’s Are Portable PDF stands for Portable Document FileSelect the files you wish to convert and merge

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