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convert file pdf

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Release the left mouse button to copy the image into the Windows clipboard

Here's how to save an image as a PDF using various methods, including the Windows and Mac built-in printers, Google Images, the iOS and Android print functions, and a web browserChoose a Conversion Type There are two ways to save an image and convert it into a PDF so that you can print or share the file: Print to PDF: Printing the image to PDF is faster than using a PDF conversion tool since most computers have this capability

convert file pdf

The built-in PDF printer works with any application on your computer, from an image viewer to a web browserIt is the easiest method to use since it's listed as an installed printer in any application on your computerTo convert your image to PDF, choose the PDF printer option instead of a regular printer, and create a new PDF

convert file pdf

Export to PDF: Some image software applications, like Adobe Photoshop, have an export to PDF option that works like print to PDFOnce you're ready to convert the image, choose the PDF save option, and you're set

convert file pdf

Use the Windows Built-in PDF Printer This method works from any software application on a Windows computer

Open the image on your computerClick the file name in the tree to open the file

You will use this file to create a Template that you will apply to extract data from all the PDFs that share the same formatImage titled Extract Specific Data from PDF to Excel Step 27 4 In the right-hand panel of the app, give your new Template a name, and click Create

Image titled Extract Specific Data from PDF to Excel Step 28 5 Using the mouse, drag a selection box around each data field on the page that you want to extractIn this example, five data fields have been selected

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