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Click outside the selection to deselect it and start over

If you add a certified document to the list, both the document and the certificate of the author are added to the list of trusted documentsAll documents that this author certified are trusted

antiracist baby pdf

(Trusted documents also include PDFs from authors in your list of trusted identities) In the Preferences dialog box, select Multimedia Trust (Legacy) from the Categories(Acrobat and Reader 10

antiracist baby pdf

1 or earlier) Display Permissions For Choose to set permissions for either trusted documents or other (non trusted) documentsAllow Multimedia Operations Select this option to allow media clips to be played

antiracist baby pdf

When selected, you can change the permission settings for a particular player and enable options that determine the appearance of the media during playback

Change Permission For Selected Multimedia Player To Select the player from the list, and then choose one of the following options from the menu: Always Allows the player to be used without promptingIf you don’t select a bookmark, the new bookmark is automatically added at the end of the list

Choose Tools > Edit PDF > More > Add BookmarkIn the Bookmarks panel, type or edit the name of the new bookmark

Edit a bookmark In Reader, you can make bookmarks easier to read by changing their text appearanceIn Acrobat, you can change a bookmark’s attributes at any time

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