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catan rules pdf

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Accessibility Options Specify if you want special features (if available) to appear when media plays, such as subtitles and dubbed audio

Enter a value in the zoom text box, or click the plus or minus buttons to increase or decrease the magnification by preset levelsChange the magnification with the Loupe tool Choose View > Zoom> Loupe Tool

catan rules pdf

Click the area of the document you want to view in closer detailA rectangle appears in the document, corresponding to the area shown in the Loupe Tool windowYou can drag or resize the rectangle to change the Loupe tool view

catan rules pdf

To change the magnification of the Loupe tool, do any of the following: Drag the sliderClick the plus or minus buttons

catan rules pdf

Enter a value in the zoom text box

Loupe tool to magnify document area Use the Loupe tool to view a magnified area of the documentClick Save when you've finished

The updates appear in the PDFEdit the added template Note: Once you save your PDF, you can't edit the added page by opening the Adobe Express app from Acrobat

Click Combine and save the PDFThis will finalize the changes on your new page, and you won't have access to the Edit option on that page going forward

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