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convertidor de excel a pdf

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You can choose to save the file as a single page or to save it in multiple pages

The Discrete Cosine Transform (DCT) is a relatively simple algorithm that produces lossless imagesIt is also possible to combine this algorithm with the Huffman algorithm, which produces higher compression ratios

convertidor de excel a pdf

Similarly, the DWT algorithm can be combined with the DCT, which results in a lossless image that maintains its qualityThe Discrete Wavelet Transform (DWT) is a more complex algorithm that is also very efficientThis algorithm has compression ratios of between 2 and 3

convertidor de excel a pdf

5, which is not a very large numberHowever, this algorithm is able to decompo- sition wavelets in order to ensure the preservation of the original image's quality

convertidor de excel a pdf

Lossless compression Lossless compression is a method of reducing the file size of images without losing any of the information that makes them unique

This type of compression is used to improve website performance and deliver images to clientsFor example, you can use Acrobat Pro to modify the resolution of the output PDF

JPEG JPEG is a popular file format for images, as it is used by many imaging software applicationsIt is also one of the most widely used formats for Internet use

Compared to other bitmap file formats, JPEGs tend to take up less spaceHowever, a high compression ratio may affect the image quality

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