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how to reduce pdf file size

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It can detect tables, images, and hyperlinks and then export them to the correct format

If you have a password, you can protect your PDF fileWhen you save a Word document as a PDF, you can create a password to open the file

how to reduce pdf file size

This is the safest way to protect your informationYou can also select whether you want to encrypt your PDF or notIf you choose encrypt, you will be asked to enter a password

how to reduce pdf file size

If you decide to protect the PDF, you should choose a password that is difficult to guessAvoid formatting errors If you are experiencing conversion errors, there are a few steps you can take to fix them

how to reduce pdf file size

If you are using Word to convert a PDF, you need to make sure you are formatting the file correctly

If you are using a third-party service, make sure that they are capable of converting your PDF filesAs you may have guessed, SwifDoo is a free tool

It has a 15-day trial versionYou can get your copy by downloading the program from the official website

The download is quick and easyThe SwifDoo website provides a user guide

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