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pdf to docx conversion

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Most of these are easy to use

Also, you can expect a few limitationsFor example, it may not be able to take screenshots of pages with cross-origin content

pdf to docx conversion

You'll need to use a proxy or a web browser with proxy supportLastly, html2canvas uses SVG optimization techniques to speed up the rendering of your imagesThis helps to reduce the size of your SVG files

pdf to docx conversion

Besides, you'll get faster loading times for your webpagesYou should also set up a good cache policy

pdf to docx conversion

Caching reduces your workload and improves your page load time

When you're developing a web application, it's always best to follow best practices to ensure you're taking full advantage of cachingOptical Character Recognition (OCR) is an advanced technology that can extract the text contents from a scanned PDF

It is an essential function if you want to archive your scanned files in a readable formYou can also use it to convert your scanned files to editable text format

If you have a scanned PDF, converting it into an editable format has never been easierThere are a variety of tools that can help you convert your PDFs into PowerPoint

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