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Allow Layer State To Be Set By User Information: Allows the author of a layered PDF document to specify layer visibility based on user informationAllow Documents To Hide The Menu Bar, Toolbars, And Window Controls: Allows the PDF to determine whether the menu bar, toolbar, and window controls are hidden when the PDF is opened

how to convert excel to pdf/

Always use filename as document title: Allows you to use the filename as the document title(Not selected by default) Documents In Recently Used List: Sets the maximum number of documents listed in the File menu

how to convert excel to pdf/

Save Settings Automatically Save Document Changes To Temporary File Every _ Minutes: Determines how often Acrobat automatically saves changes to an open documentSave As Optimizes For Fast Web View: Restructures a PDF document for page-at-a-time downloading from web servers

how to convert excel to pdf/

Always reduce size for files more than 10MB: Reduces the size of the PDF automatically if the file size is greater than 10MB

PDF/A View Mode View Documents In PDF/A ModeSpecifies when to use this viewing mode: Never, or Only For PDF/A DocumentsTo control how you navigate a PDF (for example, advancing pages automatically), use the options in the Full Screen panel of the Preferences dialog box

These preferences are specific to a system—not a PDF document—and affect all PDFs that you open on that systemTherefore, if you set up your presentation on a system you control, you can control these preferences

Normal view and Full Screen view Normal view and Full Screen viewDefine an initial view When a user opens your PDF document or PDF Portfolio, they see the initial view of the PDF

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