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como convertir una imagen a pdf

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View or hide the grid Choose View > Show/Hide > Rulers & Grids > Grid

Choose Tools, Organize Pages The Organize Pages toolset in the secondary toolbarIn the secondary toolbar, specify the page range on which you want to apply the rotation

como convertir una imagen a pdf

You can choose Even Pages, Odd Pages, Landscape Pages, Portrait Pages, or All Pages, or you can enter the page number you want to perform the operation onAfter specifying the page range, for Direction, select either counterclockwise 90 Degrees or clockwise 90 DegreesYou can also apply the page rotation on a specific page by clicking the counterclockwise or clockwise rotation buttons displayed in the page thumbnail view

como convertir una imagen a pdf

Page Thumbnail View Page rotation in the page thumbnail viewNote: To temporarily change your view of the page, choose View > Rotate View > Clockwise or Counterclockwise

como convertir una imagen a pdf

The original page orientation is restored the next time you open the PDF

Extract pages from a PDF Extraction is the process of reusing selected pages of one PDF in a different PDFIn the Output Options dialog box, specify your folder and filename preferences and click OK

Update the headers and footers Updating applies to the most recently added header and footer setOpen the PDF file containing header and footer

Choose Tools > Edit PDFIn the secondary toolbar, choose Header & Footer > Update

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