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hyperlink to a specific page in a pdf

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In most cases, this is a simple conversion, but for large files it may take a few minutesNext, you'll see a Save As dialog

hyperlink to a specific page in a pdf

Here you can name your file and specify its locationAlso, you can select to highlight certain parts of the fileYou can choose to save the file as a single page or to save it in multiple pages

hyperlink to a specific page in a pdf

You can also change the quality of the imageGenerally, 72 dpi is a good starting point, but you can adjust the resolution if necessary

hyperlink to a specific page in a pdf

Free PDF PNG converter If you want to convert your PDF file into a PNG or JPG format, you can use a free online PDF to PNG converter

With the right tools, you can transform a PDF into a high quality, lossless image file without losing any of its original qualitiesIt can support a wide variety of input formats, including TIF, BMP, GIF, and JPEG

As you convert your files, it will automatically create backups for youYou can also choose a destination folder and make changes to the settings as needed

Prizmo is a free, Mac-only program that is a simple yet powerful multimedia editing toolIt allows you to perform batch processing, resize and crop images, and adjust color saturation

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