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how to change pdf into jpg

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PDFliner If you want to convert a PDF file to an image, you have two options

Microsoft PowerPoint Opening PDF files in PowerPoint can be an easy processThe first thing to do is to find the file on your computer

how to change pdf into jpg

If it is not there, you can use the Ctrl + V key to copy the content to the clipboardNext, you need to open the PDF fileYou can do this by either double-clicking the icon on the slide, or by dragging your mouse over the image

how to change pdf into jpg

Once you have opened the PDF, you can select the area you want to insertTo add an image, you can either drag the selected object or use anchor points to position it

how to change pdf into jpg

In PowerPoint, you can also link the PDF to an inserted object

This allows changes made to the source to be reflected in the presentationThen, sketch out a flowchart that explains how you would present your information

Once you have the flowchart, you can start creating your non-linear presentationUsing the iSpring add-in, you can add an interactive non-linear element to your presentation

By using hyperlinks, you can take your audience on a journey to explore the subject you're presentingFor example, if you want to discuss how a certain department works, you can start on the first slide and use a hyperlink to go to the second

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