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employee performance review template pdf

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Show Starred Files In Recent Tab: Displays the starred files as cards in Home view

Confirm Before Tagging Documents When selected, lets the user confirm the options that are used before Acrobat prepares an untagged document for readingTagging can be a time-consuming procedure, especially for larger documents

employee performance review template pdf

This preference corresponds to the Confirm Before Tagging Documents option in the Accessibility Setup AssistantRead Out Loud Options Set preferences in to control volume, speed, and pitch of the voice used for Read Out LoudYou can choose to use the default voice or any of the voices that your operating system provides

employee performance review template pdf

You can also use the up and down arrows to read blocks of textThese preferences do not have corresponding options in the Accessibility Setup Assistant

employee performance review template pdf

Navigate and control the application with the keyboard You can navigate by using the keyboard instead of the mouse

Several keyboard access features are available in Mac OS; see the documentation for your operating system for detailsFull-Screen Appearance Background Color: Specifies the window’s background color in Full-Screen mode

You can select a color from the color palette to customize the background colorMouse Cursor: Specifies whether to show or hide the pointer when Full-Screen mode is in operation

Full-Screen Transitions Disable All Page Transitions: Removes transition effects from presentations that you view in Full-Screen modeDefault Transition: Specifies the transition effect to display when you switch pages in Full-Screen mode and no transition effect has been set for the document

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