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how to pray the rosary pdf

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To end the article, press EnterIn the Article Properties dialog box, enter the article title, subject, author, and any keywords to describe the article, and click OK

how to pray the rosary pdf

View and edit an article Use the Article tool to create, display, and make changes to an article box in the PDF documentView articles on the page Choose Tools > Edit PDF > More > Add Article BoxView articles in the PDF Choose View > Show/Hide > Navigation Panes > Articles

how to pray the rosary pdf

To read an article, double-click it, or select the article and choose Read Article from the options menu in the Articles panelThe first line of the article appears in the upper left corner

how to pray the rosary pdf

To hide the Articles panel after the article opens, select Hide After Use in the options menu of the Articles panel

Delete an article or article box In the Articles panel, do one of the following: To delete the entire article, select the article in the Articles panel, and press the Delete keySelect the Layers button in the navigation pane

Choose Import As Layer from the Options menuIn the Import As Layer dialog box, select Browse and locate the file to import

If the source file is a multipage document, enter the page number you want to import in Page NumberIf the target file is a multipage document, specify the Target Page Number in the Preview section of the dialog box

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