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The default number is 6, which produces Bates numbers such as 000001, 000002, and so on

When the cursor changes to Move pointer , drag the box to the new locationTo maintain alignment with the other list items, press Shift as you drag

macbeth online pdf

You can move or rotate text boxes on a pageThe Edit Text & Images tool outlines each text box, so it is clear what text is affectedEdits are confined to the page

macbeth online pdf

You cannot drag a text block to another page, or move or rotate individual characters or words within a text boxHowever, you can copy text boxes and paste them on another page

macbeth online pdf

Resizing a text box causes the text to reflow within the new text box boundaries

It does not change the size of the textOnce you log off the computer, any work that you had saved there will be gone

Can I save a PowerPoint presentation as a Word document or PDF? To save a PowerPoint file as a Word Document: Open your PowerPoint presentationClick File> Export > Create Handouts

Choose page layout from the options (how you want slides added to your word document)Click OK

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