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make pdf online

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To open the Articles panel, choose View > Show/ Hide > Navigation Panes > Articles Note: You cannot open the Articles panel if you are viewing the PDF inside a web browser

Open command Within Acrobat Distiller, in the File menuCreate menu Within Acrobat, by choosing PDF from File

make pdf online

Context menu On the desktop or in a folder, by right-clicking3D files (Acrobat Pro) File > Create menu or Tools > Create PDF Within Acrobat Pro, by choosing PDF From FileDrag and drop On the desktop or from a folder

make pdf online

Adobe PDF Within Microsoft PowerPoint, choose Adobe Presenter > PublishBalancing PDF file size and quality You can select various settings to ensure that your PDF has the best balance between file size, resolution, conformity to specific standards, and other factors

make pdf online

Which settings you select depends on your goals for the PDF that you are creating

For example, a PDF intended for high-quality commercial printing requires different settings than a PDF intended only for onscreen viewing and quick downloading over the InternetThis increased its adoption by the software industry and has ensured that its dominance as a the portable document file format is cemented

Viewing PDF documents To view PDF files you need specific software, of which there are numerous from many different software developersHowever, Adobe provide Acrobat Reader which you can download free from here

Also, most web browser's have plugins available for viewing PDF documentsCreating PDF documents Creating PDF documents is usually a very straightforward process, depending on the software package you are using

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