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pdf apa citation generator

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Note: To temporarily change your view of the page, choose View > Rotate View > Clockwise or Counterclockwise

For example, to find a specific document when you know its Bates number, type in the complete number as the search textTo find any documents in a Bates number series, type in a distinctive portion of the Bates series, such as the prefix or suffix

pdf apa citation generator

Under Where Would You Like To Search, select All PDF Documents InClick Browse For Location and specify the locationClick Search

pdf apa citation generator

Note: To search for Bates-numbered PDFs in a PDF Portfolio, open the PDF Portfolio and enter all or part of the Bates number in the Search box on the PDF Portfolio toolbarAdd Bates number to existing file names You can prefix or suffix a filename with the Bates number

pdf apa citation generator

To add the Bates number to a filename, do the following: Open a PDF in Acrobat

Go to Tools > Edit PDFOutline Changes the link’s outline color to its opposite

Inset Creates the appearance of an embossed rectangleNote: The Link Type, Color, and Line Style options are not available if Invisible is selected for Appearance

Select Invisible Rectangle for Link Type if you don’t want users to see the link in the PDFAn invisible link is useful if the link is over an image

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