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how to convert word to pdf on iphone

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If you don't have iBooks installed, you can still convert a DOCX file to a PDF using the Files app

In addition, you can password protect your PDF to ensure that only authorized users can access the contents of the fileYou can share your document in PDFs with anyone who has the Adobe Reader

how to convert word to pdf on iphone

This makes it convenient for you to send them documents, even if they don't have a computerYou can also post the file on your websiteThis will allow others to view your document from any web browser

how to convert word to pdf on iphone

The PDF file is also more secure than WordUsing this format will prevent unauthorized changes to your document

how to convert word to pdf on iphone

However, you can't change the text, fonts, or page layouts

Can a DOCX File Be Saved As a PDF? If you are in the process of converting your DOCX documents to PDFs, then you may be wondering what it will take to do soA PDF is a very reliable format for archiving and sharing

Using a PDF can help you preserve original documents and reduce risks from viruses and malwareA PDF can be encrypted and decrypted offline or online

You can also use the print-ready file transfer feature to send a print-ready document to another printerYou can also create thumbnail images of your documents

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