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There are a few online tools available that make this process easy

Moreover, it provides white-out function that lets you mask sensitive textLastly, you can protect your PDFs with a variety of password levels


Compared with other PDF converting software, SwifDoo is lightweight and compactThis is a good thing since it doesn't use up much space on your PCIn addition, it's compatible with different types of files, including Microsoft Office documents


You can even convert scanned PDFs and image-only PDFsSwifDoo's user-friendly interface consists of nine tabs


Each tab represents a specific function

Once you select a tab, a toolbar will appearUsers only need to upload their file and then the tool converts it within seconds

They can choose from three quality settings to suit their needsHow Do I Convert a HTML File to PDF? If you are trying to convert a HTML file to PDF, you have probably already seen a few different options on the market

These range from freeware tools such as Handlebars or iSkysoft to premium applications such as WKHtmlToPdf and SyncfusionHowever, which is the best option? WPS PDF Tools If you have a large PDF file and want to convert it to a smaller format, you can use a free WPS to PDF converter

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