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45-70 reloading manual pdf

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This option is typically used for setting up kiosk displays

To insert page numbers or the current date, click in a box and then click the corresponding buttonsTo select formatting for automatic entries, click Page Number And Date Format

45-70 reloading manual pdf

Note: You can combine text with dates and page numbersYou can also add several lines of text to an entryTo specify the pages on which the header and footer appear, click Page Range Options

45-70 reloading manual pdf

Then specify a page range and choose a Subset option, as neededExamine the results in the Preview area, using the Preview Page option to see different pages of the PDF

45-70 reloading manual pdf

(Optional) To save these header and footer settings for future use, click Save Settings at the top of the dialog box

(Optional) To apply the same settings to additional PDFs, click Apply To Multiple FilesWhen deselected, hardware acceleration usage starts after the first document is opened

This option can slow startup time, so it is deselected by defaultNote: This option is available only when the option Use 2D Graphics Acceleration in the Page Display preferences is selected

Select As Default PDF Handler (Windows only): Specifies which application, Reader or Acrobat, is used to open PDFsThis setting applies if you have both Acrobat and Reader installed on your computer

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