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convert chm to pdf

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After installing, you can convert any file to PDF

If you noticed, the Item Level Targeting button in the lower left-hand window of an earlier display image, you can use Item-Level Targeting to assign this and other policies according to IP subnet, device form factor, operating system, etcFor this scenario, I am going to choose File Match as the condition to target as is shown below

convert chm to pdf

Item Level Targeting for PDF files Using the File Association Wizard Our next step is a wizardIt will prompt us to browse to the executable file of the particular PDF Reader application I want to matchIn this case, we selected Adobe Reader

convert chm to pdf

Once we complete that task, we use the same approach for Acrobat WriterBut what if I don’t have that application on my management machine? It would be cumbersome of course to install every application used throughout my organization on my computer

convert chm to pdf

Well, PolicyPak makes it easy for you by providing the file associations for Acrobat Writer and all sorts of other applications

PolicyPak provides a free tool for all customers called File Associations Manager Helper Tool that does this for youPDF conversions cannot be easily converted back into an Excel sheet, but this method will preserve your original copy

Image titled Convert Excel to PDF Step 21 3 Click the File menu and select Save AsYou could also press Command + Shift + S to open the Save As option

[1] If you want to save the PDF to a new folder, you can select that folder now# Type a different name for the file

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