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signature on pdf

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For the uninitiated, the PDF is a structured storage system that bundles associated content into a file that can be viewed on a wide variety of devices

This involves building a data structure that can be read by screen reader software and other assistive technologiesAnother step is to ensure the document is properly tagged

signature on pdf

Tagging is similar to HTML coding, but in a tagged PDF, the content can be marked up with standard content typesIn addition, tagged PDF files can be converted to other formatsSeveral websites provide information about tagged PDFs and tagging

signature on pdf

However, tagging a PDF can be a complex taskAdobe's specification for tagged PDFs offers a good set of predefined tag names and few restrictions on how they can be combined

signature on pdf

Relative hyperlinks The relative hyperlink is a bit more complex than the ol' fashioned link a la Word or Excel

For one, you need to know the right file name to useThis can be done through the font size attribute

As well, you can manually specify the size of the fonts in the page-level stylesUnlike the iTextSharp HTML to PDF converter, IronPDF is more advanced

It is written in C# and uses an embedded web browser to render the contentAWS, Azure, and Docker support are available, too

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