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how to import pdf in autocad

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Continuous or Dynamic Zoom C

(In Acrobat Reader, the PDF must include usage rights) In Acrobat, you can edit content using Edit Text and Images tool

how to import pdf in autocad

These tools recognize and select any content that is visible, regardless of whether the content is on a selected layerIn Acrobat, if the content that you edit or delete is associated with one layer, the content of the layer reflects the changeIf the content that you edit or delete is associated with more than one layer, the content in all the layers reflects the change

how to import pdf in autocad

For example, if you want to change a title and byline that appear on the same line on the first page of a document, and the title and byline are on two different visible layers, editing the content on one layer changes the content on both layersYou can add content, such as review comments, stamps, or form fields, to layered documents just as you would to any other PDF document

how to import pdf in autocad

However, the content isn't added to a specific layer, even if that layer is selected when the content is added

Rather, the content is added to the entire documentTo open the Articles panel, choose View > Show/ Hide > Navigation Panes > Articles Note: You cannot open the Articles panel if you are viewing the PDF inside a web browser

Instead, open the PDF in AcrobatTo go to the beginning of that article, double-click the Article icon

The icon changes to the Follow Article pointerNote: If the Articles panel is blank, then the author has not defined any article threads for this PDF

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