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Use Orthographic Lines When enabled, measurement lines are orthographic onlyMeasuring Line Color Specifies the color or the line that appears while drawing

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Enable Measurement Markup When enabled, the measurement lines you draw are added to the PDFWhen disabled, the measurement lines disappear when you measure another object or select another toolYou can use the default measurement labels or specify your own label

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Use Default Leader Length (Distance Tool only) When deselected, each time you draw a distance measurement, you move the mouse to determine the leader lengthDefault Line Start Specifies the appearance of the starting line in distance measurements

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Default Line End Specifies the appearance of the ending line in distance measurements

Caption Style (Distance Tool only) Specifies whether the distance measurement caption is Inside or on Top of the measurement lineTo temporarily rotate the page view, choose View > Rotate View > Clockwise or Counterclockwise

You can’t save this changeTo save the rotation with the document, choose Tools > Organize Pages > Rotate Clockwise button or Rotate Counterclockwisethe button in the toolbar

Change the default page layout (initial view) You specify the default initial view settings in the Preferences dialog box(See Set preferences

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