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edit pdf linux

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In the Bates Numbering dialog box, click Output Options

Also, ensure that Create Acrobat Layers is selected in the Export Adobe PDF dialog boxShow or hide layers Information can be stored on different layers of a PDF

edit pdf linux

The layers that appear in the PDF are based on the layers created in the original applicationUse the Layers panel to examine layers and show or hide the content associated with each layerItems on locked layers cannot be hidden

edit pdf linux

Some layers may be organized into nested groups with a parent layerOther layers may be in groups with no parent layer

edit pdf linux

Note: A lock icon in the Layers panel indicates that a layer is for information only

Locked layers can be created from AutoCAD and Visio filesChange the magnification with the Loupe tool Choose View > Zoom> Loupe Tool

Click the area of the document you want to view in closer detailA rectangle appears in the document, corresponding to the area shown in the Loupe Tool window

You can drag or resize the rectangle to change the Loupe tool viewTo change the magnification of the Loupe tool, do any of the following: Drag the slider

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