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aces assessment pdf

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You can scroll through pages without using keystrokes or mouse actions

Click the plus or minus buttonsEnter a value in the zoom text box

aces assessment pdf

Loupe tool to magnify document area Use the Loupe tool to view a magnified area of the documentNote: You can change the color of the Loupe tool rectangleClick the Line Color pop-up menu in the lower-right corner of the Loupe Tool window, and select a new color

aces assessment pdf

Change the magnification by using a page thumbnail Click the Page Thumbnails button in the navigation pane on the left side of the windowLocate the thumbnail for the page

aces assessment pdf

Then position the pointer over the lower-right corner of the page-view box until the pointer changes into a double-headed arrow

Drag the corner of the box to reduce or expand the view of the pageBalancing PDF file size and quality You can select various settings to ensure that your PDF has the best balance between file size, resolution, conformity to specific standards, and other factors

Which settings you select depends on your goals for the PDF that you are creatingFor example, a PDF intended for high-quality commercial printing requires different settings than a PDF intended only for onscreen viewing and quick downloading over the Internet

Once selected, these settings apply across PDFMaker, Acrobat, and Acrobat DistillerHowever, some settings are limited to specific contexts or file types

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