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things tom likes pdf

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To delete the destination, choose Delete

To save a different view of a layered PDF in Acrobat Pro, you must change the default state of the layers in the Layer Properties dialog boxEdit layer properties (Acrobat Pro) You can combine the default state setting, the visibility setting, and the print setting to control when a layer is visible and when it prints

things tom likes pdf

If a layer contains a watermark, for example, you may want the layer not to show onscreen but always to print and always to export to other applicationsIn this case, you can set the default state to on, the initial visibility to never visible (the image doesn’t show onscreen), and the initial print and initial export states to always print and always exportThe layer need not be listed in the Layers panel, since all the state changes are handled automatically

things tom likes pdf

Note: The settings in the Layer Properties dialog box take effect only if Allow Layer State To Be Set By User Information is selected in the Documents preferencesIf it is not selected, Layer Properties dialog box settings, other than Layer Name and Default State, are ignored

things tom likes pdf

Select the Layers button in the navigation pane

Select a layer, and choose Layer Properties from the Options menuAllow Multimedia Operations Select this option to allow media clips to be played

When selected, you can change the permission settings for a particular player and enable options that determine the appearance of the media during playbackChange Permission For Selected Multimedia Player To Select the player from the list, and then choose one of the following options from the menu: Always Allows the player to be used without prompting

Never Prevents the player from being usedPrompt Asks the user whether the player can be used

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