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However, you will need to have Word updated

Generally, higher quality PDFs can add more data to the fileIf you want to preserve the image quality, you might want to submit your image in a bitmap format

pdf extractor

Word files are easier to edit One of the great things about Word files is the ease with which you can edit themYou can add and subtract text, adjust formatting, and create captions and hyperlinks without worrying about losing the information in the processIf you're looking to print the finished product, you can ship it directly to your printer

pdf extractor

However, editing a PDF is a different storyWhile the layout may be similar to a Word document, the formatting may be lost

pdf extractor

In fact, converting a PDF to a Word doc is no easy feat

Fortunately, there are several apps out there to do the job for youAccess a DOCX file on old versions of Microsoft Word If you have a DOCX file that you want to open on older versions of Microsoft Word, there are several ways to do so

These include using Word, using an online file converter, or opening the document in a word processor programDepending on your operating system, you may be able to save the document in a different format than DOCX

To save the file in a new format, select "Save As" from the File menuThen, select "Document" as the output format

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