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Linear and Non-Linear PDF Layouts PDF layouts are categorized as Llnear and non-linear depending upon the target applications and other factors

Acrobat inserts comments with the values calculated for distance, perimeter, or areaMeasuring tools in Acrobat Measuring tools A

pdf digital signature

Measuring toolbar BObject being measured CMeasurement Info panel Choose Tools > Measure

pdf digital signature

The measurement toolset is displayed in the secondary toolbarIn the secondary toolbar, click Measuring Tool

pdf digital signature

The Measuring toolbar and the Measurement Info panel are displayed

To measure areas of your PDF document, select any of the following measurement types: Select the Distance tool to measure the distance between two pointsExpand pages or Collapse Document In the Thumbnail view, hover over the page or file and then click the Expand pages thumbnail

In expanded view, you can easily move the individual pages among the other pages and documentsTo collapse the pages, hover over the first page and then click the Collapse Document thumbnail

Preview pages In the Thumbnail view, hover over the page, and then click the Zoom thumbnailDelete pages In the Thumbnail view, hover over the page and then click the Delete thumbnail

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