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pdf downloadable link

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The guide is pretty straightforward

If you opt to save the photo to your phone, you'll most likely be able to select a folder to save it in, like Word[3] Image titled Convert a Photo to PDF on an iPhone Step 9 9 Tap Save

pdf downloadable link

You'll see this in the upper right corner of your screenThe PDF of your photo will be added to the save location once you tap thisTo open the PDF, go to the Files app and your converted photo(s) will be the first listing once you tap Recents

pdf downloadable link

If you don't see them here, tap Browse and search around for themSend this PDF by opening it in Files, then tap the Send icon in the bottom left corner

pdf downloadable link

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Today, we're asking you to join usDownload the converted PDF file to your computer or smartphone

You may also find options to share files to save the PDF file to cloud storage accounts“PDF” Your Images and Pictures Converting a single image file to a PDF file is straightforward

Combining several images into a single PDF file is a different ballgame, but it’s also easyFor step-by-step instructions, refer to our tutorial on converting multiple images into PDF files

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