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why can't i edit a pdf

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If you want it to have a different name, enter it in the File name box

Click the Publish button to save the XPS fileHow to Convert XPS to PDF If you prefer PDF over XPS, follow the steps below to convert XPS to PDF: Open Microsoft Word, and then go to File > Open

why can't i edit a pdf

Browse to the XPS file that you want to convert to PDFAfter that, go to File > Print > Microsoft Print to PDFEnter a name for your PDF, and then click the Print button to save the PDF file

why can't i edit a pdf

How to Convert PDF to DjVu DjVu file format has advanced compression technology intended for scanned images, similar to a PDFA DjVu file can contain compressed yet very high-resolution images of scanned documents, digital documents, and photographs

why can't i edit a pdf

Unfortunately, DjVu format is not as widely supported as PDF

Adobe Acrobat does not export directly to this file formatHowever, PDFs are more about text-based information

While PDFs can also include images, they are primarily used to distribute or archive documentsWhy should you convert an image to a PDF? Most image formats allow for the saving of one image

There are exceptions to this — with TIFFs being a notable example — but most image formats do not allow you to have pages of images within one fileYou just get one

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