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form i 751 pdf

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These include, for example, features of the content and the reader, and should allow navigation by page labels, document structure, or the outline

After you click Insert Bates Number, enter the next number in the series in Start NumberEnter the Suffix and Prefix text that matches the rest of the series

form i 751 pdf

Finish changing the settings, and then click OKSearch for Bates-numbered PDFs Choose Edit > Advanced SearchIn the search word or phrase text field, enter all or part of the Bates number

form i 751 pdf

For example, to find a specific document when you know its Bates number, type in the complete number as the search textTo find any documents in a Bates number series, type in a distinctive portion of the Bates series, such as the prefix or suffix

form i 751 pdf

Under Where Would You Like To Search, select All PDF Documents In

Click Browse For Location and specify the locationOptions for editing scanned documents When you open a scanned document for editing, the two scan-specific options are displayed in the right pane under Scanned Documents: Options for editing scanned documents (Tools > Edit PDF) Options for editing scanned documents ● Settings: It shows options to select OCR language, use system fonts, and make all pages editable at one go

For more information, see Settings - OCR language, system fonts, and all pages editable● Recognize text: It allows switching from text-to-image or image-to-text editing mode

For more information, see Enable or disable auto-OCR for scanned documentsSettings - OCR language, system fonts, and all pages editable Use the settings to change OCR language, choose whether to use system fonts, and make all pages editable at one go

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