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export images from pdf

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Note: If the document page numbers are different from the actual page position in the PDF file, the page’s position within the file appears in parentheses after the assigned page number in the Page Navigation toolbar

The initial view of the PDF depends on how its creator set the document propertiesFor example, a document may open at a particular page or magnification

export images from pdf

View PDFs in Read mode When you’re reading a document, you can hide all the toolbars and task panes to maximize the viewing area on your screenThe basic reading controls, such as page navigation and zoom, appear in a semi-transparent floating toolbar near the bottom of the windowTo open Read mode, choose View > Read Mode, or click the Read Mode button in the floating toolbar

export images from pdf

To restore the work area to its previous view, choose View > Read Mode againYou can also click the collapse button in the floating toolbar

export images from pdf

Floating toolbar in Read mode Read mode with semi-transparent floating toolbar View PDFs in Full Screen mode In Full Screen mode, only the document appears; the menu bar, toolbars, task panes, and window controls are hidden

A PDF creator can set a PDF to open in Full Screen mode, or you can set the view yourselfPage Layout tab The Page Layout options specify a selection of page sizes and options for width, height, margin measurements, and page orientation

The Scaling options are as follows: Scale Wide Contents To Fit Page Rescales the contents of a page, if necessary, to fit the width of the pageIf this option is not selected, the paper size adjusts to fit the contents of the page, if necessary

Switch To Landscape If Scaled Smaller Than Changes the page orientation to landscape if the new version of a page is less than the specified percentage of the original sizeAvailable only if you selected portrait orientation

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