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pdf the scarlet letter

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Scroll bars: Vertical and horizontal scroll bars appear to the right and bottom of the document pane whenever the view does not show the entire document

PDF/X requires the conforming files to be complete ie

pdf the scarlet letter

self-containedThis requires that elements like fonts used in the page should be part of the documentContents such as 3D or video cannot be a part of PDF/X document

pdf the scarlet letter

The information contained in PDF/X document requires it to be accuratePDF/X Standards and Revisions The PDF/X family of standards comprises of several versions, each designed for a specialized result

pdf the scarlet letter

The development of these standards were aimed to address the many diverse needs of the printing and publishing industries

PDF/X-1a - Also known as the first standard of PDF/X family, PDF/X-1a requires all contents to be part of the PDF document in order to be able to be printedChoose View > Read Out Loud > Deactivate ReadOut Loud

Note: You can also use the Select Object tool to locate textActivate Read Out Loud, and then choose Tools > Interactive Objects >Select Object

Use the up/down and left/right arrow keys to navigate through the documentYou can hear where the Select Object tool has been placed, such as a heading or paragraph

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